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OTM-Projectadvies is een daadkrachtige partner bij het oplossen van technische vraagstukken. Wij staan garant voor veiligheid, functionaliteit, betrouwbaarheid en value for money.
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Information on this website

OTM-Projectadvice pays the utmost attention to the reliability and topicality of the data on this website. However, inaccuracies and omissions in the displayed data may occur. OTM-Projectadvice rejects any liability for imperfections or inaccuracies in the information displayed on or via this site. OTM-Projectadvice reserves the right to change the content of the information on the website.

OTM-Projectadvice cannot know exactly with which purposes its website is visited. OTM-Projectadvice does not guarantee that the website is suitable for the purpose for which the website is consulted.

The information provided on this website is of a general nature, intended to inform everyone about OTM-Projectadvice and about the activities it has developed and is explicitly not intended as personal advice.

The general terms and conditions issued by Royal Metal Union (the organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises in the metal industry), referred to as the Metal Union conditions, apply to all offers, to all assignments to OTM Project Advice, to all agreements and deliveries concluded with OTM-Projectadvice. In addition to the Metal Union conditions, OTM-Projectadvice uses general Purchasing and (sub) contracting conditions. OTM-Projectadvice reserves the right to change these applicable provisions. The general terms and conditions can be viewed online here.

The intellectual property rights relating to this site are vested in OTM-Projectadvice or its licensers. The user of this site is not allowed to change the content of the site, to sell, to license, to reproduce in whole or in part and / or to make public, without the express written permission of OTM-Projectadvice.

Functioning of this website

OTM-Projectadvice does not guarantee the faultless operation or uninterrupted accessibility of this website or the services offered by electronic means. OTM-Projectadvice is not liable for damage resulting from inaccuracies or omissions in the information and services offered, nor for damage resulting from problems caused by or inherent in the dissemination of information via the internet, such as interruptions or interruptions of or errors or delays in providing information by OTM-Projectadvice or by you to OTM-Projectadvice through this website or otherwise by electronic means.

Neither does OTM-Projectadvice accept any liability for any exchange losses that are incurred as a result of the use of data and information provided by or on behalf of OTM Project Advice. References to or hyperlinks with other websites are only for the information of the user. OT- Projectadvice cannot guarantee that the hyperlinks mentioned on the site will be correct when you view them. OTM-Projectadvice accepts no responsibility for the content of sites to which or from which reference is made by means of a hyperlink or otherwise. OTM-Projectadvice reserves the right to terminate any link or related program at any time. OTM-Projectadvice does not guarantee that the information, software or references or hyperlinks accessible via this website are free of viruses or similar harmful components.

Date of disclaimer: 1 August 2018