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OTM-Projectadvies is een daadkrachtige partner bij het oplossen van technische vraagstukken. Wij staan garant voor veiligheid, functionaliteit, betrouwbaarheid en value for money.
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Through our own development OTM-Projectadvice has developed a series of high quality cable clamps over the past few years for the attachment of telecom cables, among other things. The Easy Cable Clamp (ECC) is available in various versions and is maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant and UV-resistant.

Standard Version

Cable diameter range

6,7mm ~ 80mm

Variable clamp design

Single, double and 3-part

Profile mounting

C, F, R and A profile

Tightening torque

1-2 Nm


Stainless steel A2 304
Plastic PA6 fire class V2 according to UL94


PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
ISO 9001:2008
Certificates on request


Standard 5 years

The standard version of the Easy Cable Clamp (ECC), as described above and explained in detail below, is available with a delivery time of approximately 3 weeks.

Variable clamp design

In addition to the models that are suitable for 1 cable, the Easy Cable Clamp (ECC) is also available in double and 3-part versions. For saving space in the telecom mast, among other things.

Profile mounting possibilities

The Easy Cable Clamp (ECC) is available in different versions which are suitable for mounting on various profiles. The jaws of the cable clamp are specifically suitable for mounting on C, F, R or A profiles.

Tightening torque & Strain relief

The plastic clamping blocks are embossed (bumps) which provides extra grip on the cable. This strain relief, combined with a maximum tightening torque of 1-2 Nm ensures the desired strain relief.

Optionally available


Stainless steel A4 316 (Suitable for extreme weather conditions) Plastic PA fire class V0 according to UL94 (flame-retardant)

The optional versions of the Easy Cable Clamp (ECC) are produced to order with a delivery time of approximately 3 weeks. Thanks to the collaboration between R&D in the Netherlands and R&D in China, India, Italy and Poland, OTM-Projectadvice is able to serve our customers quickly and adequately.

Need additional advice ?

Do you need specific advice about our Easy Cable Clamp (ECC) or other products? Please feel free to contact us.

Current prices

More information about our current prices or a tailor-made offer? Feel free to contact us by calling: +31(0)55 378 00 81.