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OTM standing in front of Measurement, Drawing and Making, thats where our expertise and challenge is: the design and manufacture of custom solutions.
Our cable clamps are an good example: in the telecom and energy companies, they become a household name, they are called it the OTM clamps. Decades of experience have preceded that which we want to work. Think of consulting, design and supply about metalworking, injection molding, turning and milling. Our solutions regarding burglary meet the highest quality standards.

We design and manufacture high quality customized solutions. Here we support customers from engineering to installation and / or delivery in the areas of machining, construction and injection molding. During the process, our customers get all the exclusive attention they need, from design to delivery / installation! We are strong in large series.

In our product range we have cable clamps which comply with the most stringent requirements of telecom and energy companies. We provide a multitude of possibilities with a constant thread quality and functionality in the design. Next to the cable clamps, we also supply all kinds of cable accessories and other installation material. We offer you the complete range!

OTM gives you or your company a sense of safety! Thanks to our broad expertise in securing housing, business premises and utility enclosures we can be your partner throughout the burglary. You can think of the delivery of key safes to delivery and / or installation of 3-point locks.

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